Building the Future of Fresh Fish and Seafood

We are a B2B platform leveraging technology to deliver the fastest harvest-to-retail in the industry.

About us

Building the Future of Fresh Fish and Seafood

Founded in 2019 by Utham Gowda, supplies fresh water fish and seafood to more than 550 retailers across general and modern trade, as well as to online meat and seafood  retailers.The B2B marketplace offers technology solutions for demand-supply matching, e-auctions for sourcing of produce, creating a standardised supply flow as well as maintaining digital traceability across the chain. It is present in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Mangaluru and Visakhapatnam.

Our constant endeavour is to help farmers generate more revenue and businesses supply the freshest fish and seafood to their customers. We achieve this with deliberate efforts to build a data and deep tech driven platform to power our supply chain.

Our Captain

Utham Gowda