Principal Software Engineer

  • Tech
  • Bangalore, India

Principal Software Engineer

Job description

The ideal candidate has

  • Technically hands-on, prior experience with scalable Architecture

  • Possess 8+ years of software engineering and product delivery experience, with excellent command over Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Exceptional coding skills in an Object-Oriented Programming language 

  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.

  • Good knowledge of distributed technologies, real-time systems of high throughput, low latency, and highly scalable systems

  • Experience with high-performance applications

Job requirements

Below are the common patterns as well as our definition of Principal Engineer

  • Should be aligned with the company and its goals, and be able to translate them into technical solutions with KPIs.

  • Internal communication is the responsibility of a principal engineer, who ensures progress and rallies people around the tech cause.

  • Is in charge of taking productivity to places where it is lacking, offering long-term strategies that boost productivity and scalability.

  • Is a force multiplier. Via teamwork and technical solutions, he or she becomes a team enabler.

  • Is in charge of both depth and breadth. He or she is an expert in certain fields and has a solid understanding of software engineering.

  • Dots the i’s and crosses the t’s. He or she does more than write code; he or she sets an example and attends to the specifics.

  • Creates brand awareness of the company while attracting talent and attending tech conferences.

  • The driving force behind engineering culture is the Principal Engineer. It's about leading by example and assisting others in doing so.